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The quistions were asked by animal owners dealing with real problems.If your pet is ill or experienceing an emergency situation, by all means seek a Veterinarians attention immediately.  Contact  us if you have a question that you would like answered here!

Our dog,Sugar,likes to eat whatever the kids are snaking on. Is it OK for the dog to eat chocolate? Chocolate is toxic to dogs.Please do not feed your dog chocolate.Try playing a game with your children--when you feed them "people treats "they can feed Sugar"dog treats".
Sparky, our otherwise perky Pekingese, gets car sick what can we do? Some dogs never out grow this, others can tolerate the car better with age and practice. Try withholding food for about one hour before the car ride.Take Sparky on some short trips.If he does OK, try longer ones.In time, you may find that he enjoys the car.

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