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Department of Geography and Environment

Dhaka University LOgo
University of Dhaka

July 1st, 1921
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Classes offer in Masters :

For  M.Sc. (Final) under Annual System.

 The M.Sc. (Final) students in Geography under the annual System have to take a total of 8 Units of courses each carrying 100 marks. Theory 5 Units; Practical 1 Unit and Field study 1 unite (compulsory for all non thesis students): and Viva 1 Unites. Field trips and camps are undetached part of the curriculum and will be arranged by the department. Students must attend these field trips and camps.

  Each theoretical unit shall consist of course final examination of 80 marks and class records of 20 marks: whereas each practical unit shall consist of course final examinations of  60 marks and class records of 40 marks. Distribution of marks for half unit course between course final examination and class records for both theoretical and practical courses shall be according to the above-mentioned methods.

A selected number of students may be allowed by the Academic Committee of the Department to prepare a thesis which is consist of practical and field study. The breakup of the units to be taken by the thesis students is the follows:

 Theory 4 Unites: Thesis 2 Units; Viva on thesis and methodology 1 Unit; and general Viva 1 unit. Thesis students are required to attend classes on field study but they are not expected to credit this course, instead they will appear before a Viva on methodology (1/2) Units.

    The following courses are offered during the current session. The unit values for each course are shown against each. In each case, it is expected that students will be acquainted with the specific problems and examples of Bangladesh, wherever applicable.

Following courses are offered  by department of Geography in

M.Sc. Final class.

G 3001: Geographic Knowledge and Concepts    1 Units.

G 3002: Agricultural Geography

G 3003: Urban Geography

G 3004: Regional Planning and Development        1 Units.

Theoretical Aspects of Regional Planning:

1. The Concepual Basis of Regional Planning

2. Regional Analysis

3. Regional Planning in Practice

G 3005: Alluvial Morphology

G3006: Population Geography

G 3007: Industrial Geography

G 3008: Resource Management:

 G 3009: Urban Planning and Development:

a.    The Natural and Development of Urban Planning

b.    Basic Studies for Urban Planning

c.     Elements of the Urban Plans and Plans Implementation Instruments

d.    Urban Planning in Bangladesh

G 30010: Agro-Climatology:

G 30011: Social Geography

G 30012: Rural Development

G 30013: Geographic Thoughts and Explanation

G 30014: Medical Geography

G 30015: Recreation Geography

G 30016: Geography of Transport

G 30017: Geography of Settlement

G 30018: Geography of Migration


G Lab 3019 Field Study (Compulsory for non- thesis students).

G Lab 3020 Advanced Techniques in Geographic Analysis


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